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Magelis Smart BOX, Compact PC Box, Flex PC_BOX
PC box
Embedded BOX
» Magelis Smart BOX
Windows preconfigured, it offers the same features as the ‘All in one’ version.

» Magelis Compact PC BOX
Offers 1 PCI slot; it has the same qualities as the Compact IPC.

» Magelis Flex PC BOX
2 or 4 PCI slots

Industrial HDD 24h/24 7/7 80 GB HDD or 16 GB Flash disk

Celeron M 440 with 1.86 GHz or Pentium Core Duo with 2 GHz

100-240 VAC or 24 VDC power supply

And for a complete configuration:
» To convert your Flex PC BOX into an ‘All in one’ PC, add your 15 or 19’’ Front Panel in touch version or 12 or 15’’ Front Panel in touch/keyboard version.