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DPN Vigi
RCCB with overcurrent protection
Nominal current: 6 to 40 A

Compliance with standards: IEC EN 60898 and IEC EN 61009, certified by national official authorities

Large selection of breaking capacities and tripping curves: B, C, D…

Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards: IEC 60947

Operating voltage: up to 230 Vac

30mA sensitivity: additional protection against direct contact (in accordance with IEC 364)

100, 300, 500 mAsensitivities: additional protection against fire and indirect contact (in accordance with IEC 364)

Type "si": protection of sensitive circuits (computing equipment) and those prone to disturbances (ballast lighting, power electronics)

Optional auxiliaries: indication of state and tripping, shunt trip, undervoltage trip, overvoltage trip.