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HMI Controllers - Magelis XBT GC/T/K
18 to 96 I/O
A large range of HMI controllers for your machines
XBT GC : Comptactness & Integration
3 screens types, 4 connections options (USB, Serial Line, CANopen & Ethernet

3 I/O categories (Embedded, extensions modules or distributed CANopen Telefast option for embedded I/Os

HSC100Khz & 4 PTO 65Khz

Web Gate web server (Ethernet version)

XBT GT/GK : Flexibility & Openness
20 Magelis XBT GT/GK becomes HMI Controllers

From 5 ’’7 monochrome up to 15’’ color screen

Touch or Keyboard user-interface

Serial lines, Ethernet & CANopen

Advanced features (Video, data sharing, data logging, high-brightness…)

Discover : "Flexible Machine Control"
1 software environment SoMachine

Multiple hardware control platforms :
- Logic controllers Modicon M238
- Logic controllers Modicon M258
- Motion controllers Modicon LMC058
- HMI controllers Magelis XBTGC
- Drive controllers Altivar IMC